OK, my Oracle Solaris 11.2 virtual machine works well. I have and I.P. address, but this one is not static (delivered by DHCP).

How to get a static I.P. ?

Is NCP (Network Configuration Profile) working ?

root@solaris:~# netadm list
ncp Automatic online
ncu:phys net0 online
ncu:ip net0 online
ncp DefaultFixed disabled
loc DefaultFixed offline
loc Automatic online
loc NoNet offline

Change mode to “DefaultFixed” (Don’t do that connected thru SSH : you’ll lost your session !)

root@solaris:~# netadm enable -p ncp DefaultFixed
Enabling ncp ‘DefaultFixed’

You can verify

solaris network







To display NICs :

solaris network 1


Active this “net0” interface

solaris network 2


Now, this interface is up :

solaris network 3


Set an I.P. address :

solaris network 4


Verify :

solaris network 5






It’s now possible to open an SSH session, and this network configuration is persistnt across reboots

root@solaris:~# uptime
3:32pm up 4 min(s), 1 user, load average: 0.05, 0.19, 0.10

Last step : define the default gateway :

root@solaris:~# route -p add default
add net default: gateway
add persistent net default: gateway

And verify :

root@solaris:~# netstat -rn

Routing Table: IPv4
Destination Gateway Flags Ref Use Interface
——————– ——————– —– —– ———- ———
default UG 1 0 UH 2 22 lo0 U 3 78 net0

Routing Table: IPv6
Destination/Mask Gateway Flags Ref Use If
————————— ————————— —– — ——- —–
::1 ::1 UH 2 0 lo0




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